Transparency Film For A4 Inkjet Printers

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A4 Transparency Film for use on Inkjet Printers.

Ideal for transferring your artwork from your computer onto film.

Used for printing off your artwork images from your computer and exposing your screen.  Please note that the ‘tacky’ side is the print side.


High quality transparency film used for printing film positives,  often referred to as acetate.  An often overlooked but key component to increasing stencil quality.  The higher quality films come with a more absorbent surface (the tacky side of the film) which absorbs the pigment from the ink.

  • Prepare outwork for output – recommend 1440 dpi (or higher) with 720dpi as a minimum
  • Load film into the printer – the coated side is the print side ( if you get the film the wrong way round you end up with a mess!)
  • Check your settings – make sure printers is set to high quality and high resolution,  set the media settings to ‘Photo Quality Glossy Film’ or something similar
  • Print – note that the film dry’s very quickly, we suggest that you leave the film for at least 2 minutes before using just to make sure you don’t inadvertently create a smudge
  • Storage – can I keep the films and re use?  – after printing store the film in a dry and clean environment – suggest interleafing with newsprint.

Available in single sheet A4, looking for a pack of 100? then click here ..


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