Blacquer Consumables

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Blacquer Consumables including ink, cleaning fluid, cleaning cartridges (for Epson 1500) and replacement cartridges (for Epson 1500).  Blacquer ink gives that extra high opacity black, having a highly opaque film positive is a key step in achieving high quality stencils.

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Blacquer Ink for Epson Printers and consumables  :-

Bulk ink – available in 250ml / 500ml and 1 Litre quantities

Blacquer Cleaning Fluid 500ml,  used for cleaning Syringes after re filling blacquer cartridges.  For further instructions please refer to the installation guide.  PLEASE NOTE – CLEANING FLUID ONLY TO BE USED FOR CLEANING SYRINGES – DO NOT PUT CLEANING FLUID IN THE CARTRIDGES

Blacquer Pack of 6 Cartridges for Epson 1500W. IMPORTANT – When installing cartridges, remember to remove the small rubber bung first (please see picture), we recommend that you print to standard office paper first prior to printing fim positives as sometimes it can take a few prints for cartridges to settle. Also if you have refilled the cartridges run a few prints on standard office paper first.

If you are having issues with print quality then we recommend using the blacquer cleaning cartridges :-

  • Run a nozzle check with the ink already installed
  • Install cleaning cartridges
  • Run a cleaning cycle
  • Run two or three prints at high quality
  • Run another clean cycle
  • Run a new nozzle check. Compare to the old nozzle check and the nozzles should be back. If not all nozzles (or nearly all) repeat the cycle.

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Blacquer Bulk Ink 250ml, Blacquer Bulk Ink 500ml, Blacquer Bulk Ink 1 Litre, Blacquer Cleaning Fluid 500ml, Blacquer – Pack of Cleaning Cartridges for Epson 1500, Blacquer – Pack of 6 Cartridges for Epson 1500


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