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Vacuum Boards

Are you screen printing on paper?

Designing lartge textile panels?

Need a vacum board for multi colour printing?

  • Vacuum Board Ideal for Printing Posters, Banners and Stickers. Warp resistant frame for longer durability.
  • This board is a must with our 2, 4 and 6 colour printing presses for single and multi coloured prints,
  • For fashion designers when screen printing multi coloured large textile panels before the garment is sewn together.  

We also sell the Weiss vacuum platen and motor which can be used on Weiss / Hopkins / M & R and a variety of other carousels

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Vacuum Board
£180.00 ex VAT
Vacuum Motor Includes Filter And Tubes
£476.80 ex VAT
Weiss Vacuum Platen
£568.00 ex VAT