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Platens and Platen Mask / Platen Paper

Looking for a platen for plus size t-shirts or childrens t-shirts? Need a a sleeve platen? Want a vacuum board?

Problems with warping of your platen due to flash drying? 

Are you platens taking on a life of their own and need cleaning down - you can use Platen Mask also known as Pallet Protection Tape and Pallet Mask, it is a self adhesive paper which you cover the platen with and after a number of uses you remove and replace.

We sell a variety of screen printing platens and brackets. In both MDF and Aluminium.  The MDF Platens are great value, easy to clean with a strong melamine white surface.

T-shirt platen sizes range from children to adult mega platens, we also sell a sleeve platen and vacuum board.  

We sell two types of platen attachment brackets which are sold separately, the 50mm is for use with our wicked presses and carousels and the 75mm is for use with larger printing arms on floor standing Hopkins carousels. 

Aluminium Platens are very hard wearing and long lasting; avoids warp caused by flash drying and easy to clean. Ideal for floor standing carousels,  we sell brackets for Weiss carousels.  You can use the platens on other carousels, but we need to know the arm sizes.

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