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Aluminium Platens

Very hard wearing and long lasting Aluminium platens, avoids warp caused by flash drying and easy to clean. Ideal for floor standing carousels, we sell brackets for Weiss carousels. You can use the platens on other carousels such as Hopkins, Work Horse, Vastex and many others but we need to know the arm sizes to size the bracket correctly.

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Aluminium Platen 14 X 60 Cm
£100.00 ex VAT
Aluminium Platen 20 X 60cm
£125.00 ex VAT
Aluminium Platen 30 X 60cm
£135.00 ex VAT
Aluminium Platen 40 X 60cm
£145.00 ex VAT
Aluminium Platen 50 X 70cm
£155.00 ex VAT