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Fujifilm MagnaColours
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MagnaColour Waterbased Ink Range

We are the UK Distributor for the MagnaColour range of Waterbased Inks, which have a global reputation for high performance, innovative and the most environmentally friendly range of inks available in the market place. 

The range is designed for large commercial printers using automated equipment as well as educational, medium size and home printers typically using manual equipment.

MagnaPrint Soft Bases - Super soft pastes for bright prints on light coloured fabrics, ND Extra and Base FF

MagnaPrint HB Range - Soft hand, non dry, opaque inks for tonal artwork on high mesh counts, HB Opaque and HB Neutral

MagnaPrint Aquaflex - High solids for ultra-high opacity and elasticity with a soft, flexible feel,  Aquaflex White and Neutral

MagnaPrint Discharge - Bright and beautiful discharge effects. The patented ULF (available for online purchase) Ultra range of inks which are Formaldehyde Free and Soil Association Approved. The range includes the ever popular AB /  AW range and the high performing Plascharge system to allow to to discharge Plastisol Inks.

ECO Pigments - Perfect colour every time with the MagnaColour  eco-friendly water-based pigments

MagnaPrint - Special Effects including Bling, Reflectives, Crack, Glow in Dark options

MagnaPrint - Additives

The patented MagnaPrint® Discharge ULF Ultra range of inks available for online purchase which are Formaldehyde Free and Soil Association Approved.

The range is ready for use (RFU) and includes a high opacity white and a range of bright vibrant colours. The ink needs to be activated with 6% discharge powder prior to use,  only activate what you need as the ink then as a shelf life of 4-5 hours. 

  • Oeko tex class 1 and class 2 approved
  • Nike Approved
  • Soil Association Approved

Ink available in 1 Litre and 5 Litre packs. 

For prices or further information on how MagnaPrint inks can transform your business then please contact us on 0161 442 6555 or email