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MagnaPrint HB Range

Mock Soft Handle Discharge System which gives Soft hand, non dry, opaque inks for tonal artwork on high mesh counts. Opaque and Neutral.

MagnaPrint® HB System  is a brand new development from Magna Colours® Ltd. Introduced to assist customers experiencing issues with the poor quality of discharge fabrics.

MagnaPrint® HB has been developed as a type of mock dischargesystem that produces discharge look prints with a soft hand on non discharge fabric (e.g. Cotton poly blends) . Printed on top of either a Discharge or AquaPlasWhite FF underbase (dependant on fabric). MagnaPrint®  HB system can be printed through high mesh counts – up to 100  (255) mesh for best results, and therefore has a very low ink consumption resulting in soft hand and extremely cost effective prints.

Available in Quantities of 5Kg / 30Kg / 60Kg  and 120Kg.  Process inks available in 1 Kg quantities ready for use.

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