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MagnaPrint HB Neutral Base

Product Ref: QR2667
MagnaPrint HB Neutral Base
Manufacturer: Wicked Printing Stuff


MagnaPrint HB Neutral Base G6342 is part of Magna Colours Mock Soft Handle Discharge System.  If the fabrics you are using are not suitable for discharge then HB is the solution.  It produces discharge style prints with a soft hand on non discharge fabric.  It can be printed through high mesh counts, up to 100T mesh and therefore has very low ink consumption making HB a very cost effective solution. 

Use Neutral Base if printing process colours.

HB Neutral Base can be mixed with up to 9% MagnaPrint ECO Pigment.

CMYK inks ready to use also available

  • Mesh Count 60 - 100T
  • Suitable for Cotton / Poly blends
  • Use Water resistent emulsion
  • Squeegee - 65 Square Blade
  • Print wet on wet
  • Recommend 3 - 4mm off contact.  The  paste must penetrate the fabric so you may need to adjust squeegee pressure
  • Cure for 120 - 150 seconds at 165 degrees C  (always test before production run)

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Available in 5 / 30 / 60 / 120kg quantities

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