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Vinyl Ink and Additives

Do you want to screen print on PVC?

Need to screen print a banner?

Vinyl screen inks are formulated for printing onto flexible and rigid PVC. They have exceptionally low odour making them pleasant to use and dry with a brilliant gloss finish.  Gloss Vinyl inks have good resistance to petrol and alcohol.

Printing of rigid and flexible PVC, vinyl coated materials, self adhesive vinyl films, CAB, coated polyester and metal, cellulose acetate, acrylics and polycarbonates.  Powder coated metals can often be successfully printed using Vinyl inks. Due to their good flexibility, Vinyl inks are used extensively for spraying and brushing onto banners and tarpaulins such as are used on curtain-sided vehicles

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SISS Screen Reactivator Spray
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