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Correx Ink and Additives

Are you trying to screen print on corrugated plastic?

Correx Inks are designed for screen printing onto Fluted Polyolefines such as correx, huntsman fluted and corridboard. These substrates are used for estate agent boards, signs and displays. Other forms of Polypropylene may also be printed.

Correx screen printing inks are available in quantities of 1KG. You will need high strength solvent based screen wash QR0587 to clean your screens down when you are using this type of ink.

The Correx Inks are an air dry ink and therefore you will not require any heat curing equipment..

Use Correx Thinner (mix between 10 - 15%)  for normal list.  Use Correx retarder in warm environment.

We would recommend you print through a no finer than a 90T mesh.

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