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WPS and SICO Inks

Looking for a 'glow in the dark' screen printing ink?

Need an official distributor of SICO Plastisol Inks?

WPS offer a glow in the dark plastisol ink range perfect for giving your garments that extra special touch. The colours shown are for guidance purposes only - not for colour matching.  We do not hold all of these products in stock, if your order is urgent please contact us for an exact delivery date.

SICO Plastisol Inks, we currently have stocks of a range of SICOplast inks.  These inks are manufactured in Belgium.

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Sico Plastisol SPTN20 Blue Ink - 1 Litre
£10.50 ex VAT
Sico Plastisol SPTN26 Blue Ink - 1 Litre
£10.50 ex VAT
Sico Plastisol SPTN80 Brown Ink - 1 Litre
£12.00 ex VAT
Glow In The Dark - Green
£90.00 ex VAT