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Union Silextreme Silicone Ink Range

Union Silextreme silicone inks are based on cutting edge silicone polymers for delivering the ultimate stretch and feel on the latest performance fabrics. These inks have been innovatively designed to bring out the strengths and benefits of silicone chemistry to your textile screen printing operation.

The Silexteme Silicone Inks are Best in Class giving the following benefits :-

  • Ideal for Spandex / Lycra,  Cotton / Poly blends, Nylon, 100% Polyester and Sublimated Garments (don't recommend on 100% cotton, especially ring spun garments)
  • Ideal for Performance Athletic garments, swimwear and Spandex / Lycra sports wear.
  • Gives very soft and flexible hand
  • Low curing temperature reducing risk of dye migration
  • Print is very elastic,  print always recovers to its printed position (good print memory)
  • Prints can be ironed
  • Durable

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