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NPT Discharge White US Gallon

Product Ref: QR2177
NPT Discharge White US Gallon
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Manufacturer: Wicked Printing Stuff


Discharge White is used as an underlay to enhance the brilliance of colours where garments are not completely discharging.

You need to add between 3% to 8% of discharge agent to activate the base.

Garments discharge differently, you should use as little as possible to discharge the colour of the particular garment.  Only activate enough base to run or 3 hours,  as soon as it is activated you have approx 8 hours shelf life.  Make sure you give the activator a good mix, ideally with high speed drill or ink mixer.

Suitable for mesh counts between 32 - 64T on screens with good tension.  You will need to use a water resistant emulsion such as Ulano 925WR.

You will need a long tunnel dryers for curing as you need a dwell time between 90 - 120 seconds, temperature 162 celsius.

Use water for clean up.




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