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Additives / Clears / Bases

WPS sell a variety of additives, clears and bases that can be used with plastisol ink. In this category you will find a number of products to help you achieve your desired effect when screen printing. So if you want a suede effect or a puff or to improve cold transfer prints, stretch or glitter We have the right specialist screen printing ink for you.

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£52.50 ex VAT
MIXE-9070 NPT Soft Hand Base
£9.72 ex VAT
NPT Puff Additive
£26.83 ex VAT
NYBE-9120 Non Phthalate Nylobond
£21.00 ex VAT
PAGL-9030 Premium Glitter Clear
£6.48 ex VAT
PLFX-E9040 NPT Gel Clear
£8.64 ex VAT
PLHT-9040 Barrier Clear
£13.00 ex VAT
PLSE-9101 Suede Additive
£14.47 ex VAT
PLUS-9000 Curable Reducer
£6.48 ex VAT
£9.45 ex VAT