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NYBE-9120 Non Phthalate Nylobond

Product Ref: QR1137
NYBE-9120 Non Phthalate Nylobond
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Manufacturer: Wicked Printing Stuff


Nylobond Additive is an essential ingredient for printing on Nylon jackets and other products made of woven nylon. Add 10-15% Nylobond by weight to any Union Ink Plastisol Ink and it will adhere to nylon.  When printing onto heavily waterproof garments or with high opacity inks we advise increasing the percentage amount. 

Nylobond will reduce ink viscosity, If so leave the mixture to stand for 2 hours and it will thicken. If not add a thickening additive.

Once the Nylobond has been added to your Plastisol Ink you have a shelf life of 8-16 hours. After that time do not use the ink for printing. Do not return the Plastisol Ink containing Nylobond to the original container as it will contaminate the remaining ink.

Garments need to be cured in the normal way when using Plastisol Inks.


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