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Rutland Additives / Clears and Bases

In this sections to will find the Rutland range of additives, clears and bases.

  • Dulling Paste / Suede Additive - Used to give a Suede effect and can also be used to remove gloss finish after curing
  • Fiberbond - Use to reduce fibrillation
  • Foil Release - Used to retard the adhesive of the foil
  • Liquid Thickener - if you need to increase the viscosity
  • Puff Additive - to achieve a PUFF effect, you can also use to reduce ink gloss
  • Viscosity reducer

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Fiberbond EA0001 - US Gallon
£33.00 ex VAT
Foil Adhesive BB0211 - US Gallon
£52.50 ex VAT
Foil Release M00047 - US Gallon
£48.61 ex VAT
Liquid Thickener M00004 - US Gallon
£247.00 ex VAT
NPT Puff Additive
£26.83 ex VAT
Viscosity Reducer EA0005 - US Gallon
£50.86 ex VAT