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Tunnel Dryer Spares

Need a spare part for your WPS or Panther tunnel dryer?

WPS supply spare parts for the Panther range and Wicked Printing Stuff Dryer. Parts include :-

  • Heating Elements and Thermocouples
  • Digital Temperature Controllers
  • Motors, Brushes and Controllers
  • Belts
  • Misc (switches, cables etc)

If you require any assistance in choosing the right parts please contact us


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Ad Hoc Repair To Texitunnel
£328.00 ex VAT
FTE Element
From: £19.20
£16.00 ex VAT
FTE Thermocouple
From: £39.60
£33.00 ex VAT
Parvalux Brushes For SD1 Motors/Pair
£50.00 ex VAT
Parvalux SD1-0003/CONT Motor
£340.00 ex VAT
Recon WPS Flash Dryer
£140.00 ex VAT
Replacement Extractor Fan
£90.00 ex VAT
Replacement F025 Controller Card
£120.00 ex VAT
Replacement K39 Temperature Controller
£105.00 ex VAT
Replacement K49 Temperature Controller
£168.00 ex VAT
£42.00 ex VAT
£130.00 ex VAT