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Flash Dryers

Are you printing multi colours and need to dry between colours?

Do you have a low volume of garments to cure?

Flash dryers can serve both purposes and a flash dryer from Wicked Printing Stuff is the best in the market. In this category you will find the WPS and Panther Flash Dryer range:

WPS Flash Dryer - Ideal for home and small workshop conditions

WPS Hand Curer - Ideal for home, classroom and specialist print environments

WPS Panther Flash Dryer - Ideal for the medium to large screen printing business, and for those needing a flash dryer for large prints (Model 2 Flash Dryer)

WPS Pro Flash Dryer - Ideal for large printers, needing a flash dryer with timer, lamp management with optional integration with automatic carousels

Part exchange available for customers wishing to upgrade from a WPS Flash Dryer to a Panther Flash Dryer,  please contact us for details.

We are always delighted to advise you on the best product for your needs.

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Flash Dryer
£218.00 ex VAT
WPS Hand Curer
£670.00 ex VAT
WPS Panther Model 1 Flash Dryer 16" X 16"
£530.00 ex VAT
WPS Panther Model 2 Flash Dryer 21.5" X 16"
£715.00 ex VAT