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Transfer Release Paper - Plastisol transfers

Transfers are a great way to help optimise garment stock and point of sale. 

Instead of printing direct to the garment, you can reverse the image and print (normally using high opacity plastisol) to a transfer release paper which you partially cure which you can then store.  When ready you can heat press the transfer to the garment.   The adhesive powder is used to help the ink adhere to the garment.

We sell both Cold and Hot Peel papers :-

  • Cold-peel transfers, the paper is not removed until the ink and garment have cooled. The entire ink layer adheres to the T-shirt. Cold-peel transfers are quite stiff and have a characteristic smooth or glossy look. They have excellent opacity and are popular on athletic uniforms.
  • Hot-peel transfers split the ink film between the paper and the fabric after heat and pressure are applied. As the paper is peeled from the fabric, some of the ink remains on the transfer paper while the majority melts into the fabric. This splitting of the ink film produces a soft print but are ideal for retail point of sale.

We also sell transfer melt adhesive powder which acts as a  adhesive glue when heated and can allow you to apply transfers in situations where otherwise they would not adhere. Typically nylons and polyesters, or when only light pressure can be applied to the transfer.

For more information take a look at our Blog article. which takes you through the process of making a plastisol transfer.


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