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Exposure Units

Which exposure unit is the right one for you?

WPS sell a huge range of exposure units to suit all screen printers from beginers to large businesses. From the WPS entry level screen printing exposure lamp through to a range of  "all in one" enclosed exposure units, ideal for mid and large screen printing shops that require exposing large numbers of screens in a short time frame.

WPS offer the following screen printing exposure solutions:

  • WPS Exposure Lamps - for beginners and small print shops
  • WPS Mini Exposure Units - uses UV tubes which are ideal for small screen printing workshops and education establishments (tabletop and drying cabinet models available)
  • WPS Mini LED Exposure Unit (tabletop and drying cabinet models available) which use the latest LED technology to give quick and accurate stencils
  • Actinic Units - for mid level print shops and educational establishments
  • Heavy Duty Units - for larger businesses and those with specific screen size requirements

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