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Exposure Service

Wicked Printing Stuff ‘art to screen’ exposure service. You send us your artwork and we send back the perfect screen so you can get printing straight away. So, whether you are new to printing, only use a small number of designs,  lack access to the equipment or simply don’t have the time, this service is ideal for you and means that you never have to turn down a job because of the complexity of exposing your screen.

The service can be used on newly purchased or previously used screens that need to be reclaimed and/ or restretched. Read the attached guide that gives you further details.

Where required we can provide the following services individually or in any combination that you need:

  1. Artwork preparation and separation
  2. Screen reclaiming
  3. Screen re-stretching
  4. Screen exposing – single and multi colour designs

You can book this service over the phone 0161 442 6555 or by email

If you are providing your own screens, you will need to send the frames to our workshop. Please allow 7 working days from when we receive your instructions and design or logo as well as the screens.

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