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Digital Screen Makers

Looking for an alternative to creating screens using the traditional emulsion and exposure method?

Need quick screen production for customised products?

We are pleased to present the RISO range of revolutionary Digital Screen Makers which allow screen printers to create screens without the need for a film positive, degreaser, emulsions, washout, exposure and drying equipment.  If you need to turn around screens quickly and without any mess then the Digital Screen Makers are the solution and put you ahead of the competition..

Riso GOCCOPRO 100 Digital Screen Maker, a very quick and efficent way of making screens.  You can create screens in seconds (105 seconds), then you are ready to print.

Riso QS200 - Designed for professional commerical printers, capable of creating screens up to A2 size in 3 minutes on pre tensioned screens allowing for accurate registration for multi colour work. Click here to see our QS200 promotional video.


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