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Ulano DP9250 Water Resistant Emulsion

Product Ref: QR1265
Ulano DP9250 Water Resistant Emulsion
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Manufacturer: Ulano
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For best results water-based ink needs water resistant stencils and 925WR is the industry standard. 41% solids content makes it dry fast and coat like a dream. It is dyed pale violet. Powder based diazo sensitizer. Shares the main characteristics of Ulano's TZ emulsions, but with a higher solids content and even better resolution, edge definition, and exposure latitude. Stencils produced with 925WR are completely water resistant and very durable. 925WR comes with a powder diazo sensitizer, for faster and surer mixing.  PHTHALATE-FREE.

If you are using plastisol or solvent inks such as Correx / Nylo bag etc please select the Ulano Proclaim emulsion which gives a solvent resistant stencil.  If you use plastisol or solvent inks with screens exposed with 925WR water resistant emulsion there is a chance that the stencil will degrade and erode.

To view the technical data sheet (includes instructions and exposure times) click here. When used with exposure units/Light sources other than our 1000watt halogen light, exposure times will vary so please check out the data sheet.

  • Pre-Sensitized - up to 8 months
  • Sensitized - 8 weeks

Emulsion is best stored in a cool dark environment where adverse weather conditions do not occur.  If the storage temperature is warm or hot, or below freezing, emulsion has a tendency to react and will pass its expiry date.  The most obvious way of telling whether the emulsion has expired is upon 'clearing the image' with water, the sensitizer will not have reacted  to the light source and the emulsion will simply wash out completely. 

The materal safety data sheet can be found on the following link 



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