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Autosol 5000 Emulsion

Product Ref: QR1469
Autosol 5000 Emulsion
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Manufacturer: Ulano


High quality, Diazo sensitised, solvent resistant emulsion with partial resistance to water to allow small print runs with waterbased ink. 

Pre-Sensitized upto 12 months, Sensitized 3-4 weeks.  The Emulsion is shipped with the senstizer in a separate pot or sachet, the senstizer is added neat.

Autosol 5000 is a universally resistant, high quality direct emuslion for a wide range of screen printing application.

This blue medium/ high solids emulsion with a Diazo powder for ease of use. The Dual Cure photocuring system used in the Autosol 5000 maximies the emulsion durability making it ideal for use with a wide range of solvent based inks.

An easy to use, high quality emulsion that will give excellent results under a wide range of processing conditions. Autosol 5000 will work on all mesh types and counts and the universal resistance makes it an excellent choice for most screen printing applications.

Please Note: This is a direct emulsion so the sensitizer powder must be added to the emulsion neat (no water).





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