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Capillary Film





Are you looking for an alternative to screen print emulsion?

Textile Capillary Film is a viable alternative to creating screens with direct emulsion. It is intended for standard textiles, using conventional non-aqueous Plastisol inks.

Ulano Capillary Film produces superb stencils quickly, consistently and with no mess or waste, giving a controlled coating thickness.

  • Minimal training required
  • Dries quickly
  • Fast stencil turnaround
  • Speeds production
  • Prepackaged film sheets

The film is available in 2 different sizes and is sold in packs of 5 sheets. 

Simple step by step instructions can be found at:


There is also an online tutorial on youtube which can be found at :-

Before using the products listed in this category please make sure you are familiar with the relevant product safety data sheets in the following link.

Looking to give your designs a 3D look and feel, or wanting to add some texture then Chromaline Phat film is great for creating high build stencil.  Take a look at our blog article on how to create the high build stencil,

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