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5 CAPILLARY EZ-FILM-50 (Mesh Counts Of 34t-90t) 17" X 24" Sheets

Product Ref: QR1293
5 CAPILLARY EZ-FILM-50 (Mesh Counts Of 34t-90t) 17" X 24" Sheets
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Manufacturer: Wicked Printing Stuff


CAPILLARY EZ-FILM-50 (Mesh counts of 34t-90t)

EZ-50 Film is ideal for standard textile printing with plastisol inks.  We recommend EZ Film-50 for mesh counts ranging from 34t-90t.  The film is orange in colour and coated on 75 micron matt surface polyester.  EZ-Film can be adhered with plain water.

Capillary film is adhered to screens still wet from the degreasing rinse.  (This rinse virtually eliminates dirt and dust that so often cause pinholes with direct emulsions, which must be coated on dry mesh).  The film is attracted up into the structure of the wet mesh by capillary action.  With a single squeegee stroke, the stencil maker skims off excess water, speeding drying.  After drying, the dust-protecting polyester backing is removed and the screen is ready for exposure and washout. 

The film is sold in packs of 5 sheets.

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