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Ink and Additives – Solvent Inks



Solvent based Inks:  We are an official distributor of FujiFilm Sericol, Nazdar inks and our own brand offering  a competitively priced range of inks for use on other substrates such as nylon, vinyl, plastic, correx, aluminium, rubber, foam and leather. You will find Mercury Gloss, Catalysed, Correx, Nylon Bag, Paper & Board and Vinyl inks.

Before using the inks and additives listed in this category please make sure you are familiar with the relevant product safety data sheets in the following link..

We currently only have a limited section of our solvent based inks online - we also stock Sericol Polyplast, Mattplast, Corripol, Seristar, Polydyne, Seritec, Polyscreen,Nylobag,Nylotex,Plastijet and Rub Removable Silver and Gold Solvent Based Inks