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Heat Curing Equipment inc Flash Dryers, Tunnel Dryers & Heat Presses

From heat guns to tunnel dryers we can cure your hot screen printing requirements!

Whether you are a big business needing a high spec tunnel dryer or a hobbyist wanting a flash dryer, WPS have you covered. We have a range of ink curing equipment to meet every requirement, all designed and manufactured by us in the UK. Need help deciding what to get, check out our blog article.

WPS  Flash Dryer - Ideal for home and workshop conditions. Suitable for flash drying between screen prints and for low volume garment curing.

Panther  Flash Dryer - Ideal for the medium to large screen printing business.

We offer the most comprehensive range of Tunnel Dryers in Europe, including the well known Panther range.

Wicked Mini Dryer - One of the most efficient dryers on the market. Ideal for small workshop conditions, designed for large printing runs. 

WPS Panther Dryers - These dryers have a reputation for quality, reliability, longevity and performance :-

  • Texitunnel 700 - most popular dryer in UK, suitable for curing up to 500 garments per hour - plastisol
  • Texitunnel 700L - longer drying oven, ideal for screen and digital printers needing to cure high volumes of garments, available for Three Phase Power
  • Texitunnel 8220 - ideal for automatic screen and digital printers. High curing throughput.
  • Texitunnel 8230 - wider belt dryer, ideal for automatic and digital printers. High curing throughput
  • Texitunnel 8240 - a wider belt dryer, ideal for automatic and digital printers. High curing throughput

For further information please download our WPS  Panther Tunnel Dryer fact pack and contact us for any specific questions you may have. We also offer part exchange on older Panther Tunnel Dryers for customers wishing to upgrade.

This category also includes accessories like heat guns and thermometers, drying racks for screens and finally heat presses for caps, garments, badges, mouse mats,wrist mats, plaques and t-shirts.