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Films, Transfer Release Paper and Film Positive Printers

Are you looking for screen printing transparency film to use with your printer?

Want to make cost savings on printer ink?

Are you a hobbyist want to print with your children using stencils?

Explore alternative garment decoration methods like transfer and peel papers

In this category you will find :-

A range of professional transparency film both in sheets (A4 and A3) suitable for use with either laser or inkjet printers and for wider format printers - Ulano Ink Jet film rolls (from 17" to 60" wide).

  • Check out our screen printing tutorial (Step 2 Film Positive - 01 min 59 secs) which discusses the different types of film.

The amazing Blacquer Ink - Ultra high Density cost saving black ink system for Screen Positives including Complete Positive Making Bundle including printer / ink and films

Print and Cut Film for creating simple direct to screen stencils (also suitable for use with the WPS So Easy Kit) without the use of photo sensive emulsion.

Transfer Release Paper - for creating screen printing transfers we are offering both Cold and Hot Peel papers