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Emulsions, Capillary Film & Screen Filler

Want a screen printing emulsion for both graphic and textile use? Need to screen print with a variety of inks? Not sure which one to choose then take a look at 'Choosing the right emulsion' article on our blog.  Not sure about exposure timings? worth getting the Chromaline Exposure Calculator.

Looking for screen printing stencils that last? Need to cover pin holes on your screen?

We sell  Ulano, Chromaline, Sericol and Macdermid  range of all purpose textile and graphic emulsion  emulsion and capillary films.

These emulsions enable printing with a wide variety of inks and substrates. Excellent definition and resolution. Sharp durable stencils. True multi-purpose emulsions for textiles and graphics.  We also sell screen filler to cover up pin holes.

Our range caters for use with both water based, plastisol and solvent based inks.

  • Waterbased Inks we recommend ULANO 925WR, Chromaline CP TEX, Dirasol 25 and  Autosol 5000
  • Plastisol / Solvent based inks we recommend ULANO Proclaim EC / ULANO Capillary Films or Autosol 5000

If you are looking for stencil processing units or washout booths then please go to the 'cleaning equipment' category